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Dear Warrior Family:

We are excited to get back to school on Wednesday, August 5th. We have been working all summer to be prepared for the
start of school during a time of ever-changing standards and guidelines. We are thrilled to announce that we will be going
back to school on-campus for the 2020-2021 school year. I think it is important to stop and remember our mission here at
RCA. We exist as a school to disciple young Warriors for the cause of Christ. In an uncertain world, it is so important to
educate based on the truth of God’s Word which is our solid ground and final authority as believers. Based on the
importance of the Gospel and our mission according to the Gospel to make disciples, we are opening in a traditional format.
We have made several adjustments to make sure that we do a great job of keeping our Warrior Family safe. (Please note
that all of these plans and changes are subject to change given any new mandates by the local and/or state governments).
As you go through these guidelines, I understand you will have extra questions or concerns that we have not noted. We will
be in the office and ready to answer these questions via email and telephone. It would be a great idea to go over these
guidelines with your children. If you have a positive outlook on these changes at school, then your children will be likely to
follow your reactions.

We have included a visual with the letter to help summarize the following points:

General Changes (applicable to all students K5-12):
• There will be NO Early Morning Drop-off this year 6:30-7 AM.
• Students may arrive starting at 7 AM
o Elementary Students [K5-6th] will go to the Chapel and sit with their grade level/class
o Upper School Students [7th-12th] will go to the Worship Center and sit with their grade level
• Temperature checks will be done in the car rider line (for student drivers-temperature checks will be done before
entering the building). Anyone with temperature of 100.4 or higher must go home.
• Parents must communicate with us if their child or someone in their household tests positive for Covid-19.
• Masks are recommended in the classroom but not required. However, we will use masks during transition times.
Students need to have their own mask, but we will have extra on campus if the need arises.
• Classroom sizes look to be similar as in the past. We will try to social distance as much as possible, but it is
unlikely that 6 feet of distance will be able to be maintained at all times. For this reason, increased hand washing
will be encouraged, and sanitation stations will be set up in each classroom.

• The Cafeteria will still serve hot lunches. We will also have a potato/salad option, but these items will be pre-

• School Visitors will be limited at this time. Lunch visits are postponed until further notice. All visitors must check
in at the school office.
• Orientation Schedules will be altered, and these times and details will be sent via email.
• Athletics will continue with sanitation protocols as outlined by ACEA and AISA.
• The Sickness Policy will change slightly. Students that are sent home or stay home due to fever cannot return until
they are fever free (without the aid of fever reducing medication) for 48 hours. They must also return with a
doctor’s excuse.


• Chapel services will be altered to allow for social distancing. We will have 4 different Chapels instead of 2.
o Chapel Service 1: Kindergarten-3rd Grade
o Chapel Service 2: 4th-6th Grade
o Chapel Service 3: 7th-9th Grade
o Chapel Service 4: 10th – 12th Grade
• The Learning Management System, CANVAS, was purchased to allow us to accommodate for extended absences
and any distance learning that is necessary.
• There will be very little shared materials between students. If materials must be shared it will be sanitized
between each student.
Changes for Elementary [K5-6th Grade]
• Break will occur in the classroom
• Afterschool will be available using social distancing recommendations.
• Elementary classes will stay together and not mix with other classes for PE or Specialty.
Changes for Upper School [7th-12th Grade]
• A Modified Block Schedule will be used to reduce the number of transition times in the hallway. This schedule
will allow for three instructional periods on Gold Day and the other three on Blue Day. Blue and Gold days will
alternate everyday with each class meeting for an extended period of time. Every day will allow for a 7th period for
activities and athletics.
• We are excited about the implementation of CANVAS on campus. We will be using this implementation especially
in 10th-12th grades to prepare our students for college classes that use CANVAS or something similar as a learning
platform. We will use this platform to turn in some assignments, share supplemental materials, and access
calendars for their classes.

For Him,
Joey Knight