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Russell Christian Academy provides a Christian based pre-kindergarten education. Our faculty and staff view the learner as a “whole child,” striving to meet each child's developmental needs in terms of spiritual, mental, physical, and social education. Our teachers are committed to educational goals of excellence. Education is provided in a safe, loving, and God-pleasing setting that adheres to the Holy Scriptures. We teach from the Abeka Curriculum, enhanced with creative teaching techniques, varied learning opportunities and use of technology. Russell's parents and teachers work hard in hand to prepare our students to be life-long Christians and learners, and apply to their knowledge and skills in meeting life's challenges.


December 2023
Monday, November, 27
Tuesday, November, 28
Wednesday, November, 29
Thursday, November, 30
Friday, December, 1

Mrs. Lauren Anderson, Director
(601)484-5888 ext 342