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Students at Russell Christian Academy are challenged to achieve their potential in the classroom while striving for college readiness across a liberal arts education. RCA instructs in the 4x4 core academic model within a 7-period day schedule. Students are required to obtain four core credits in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. Qualified students may enroll in our honors program which emphasizes higher critical thinking skills and enrichment material across multiple curricular areas. For a more detailed look at our graduation requirements, please click the option in the menu to the right.

The curriculum of instruction is designed for college readiness from a Biblical Worldview. Biblical truth is integrated across all curricular areas. Curricular resources include ABEKA, Bob Jones, and ACSI materials. Other academic opportunities for our students include the following:

Science Fairs

Academic Competitions

Spelling Bee

National Honor Society

Student Government Association

National Beta Club

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Honors Program (High School)

Don't just prepare them to go into the world,
equip them to CHANGE it!