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Parental support and involvement is essential for Russell Christian Academy to be able to carry out its mission of equipping students to embrace the culture for the cause of Christ. There are many different avenues for parents to be involved in the ministry of RCA. Firstly, we covet your prayers. As we partner with you in teaching your students Biblical truth, we ask that you pray for your students, their classmates, and their teachers and administrators.

There are multiple avenues for parents to be involved throughout the school year. FORWARD is a parent organization that exists to support the overall goals of RCA and, most importantly, to support the faculty and staff through volunteering at events such as the Russell Family Fair, Grandparent’s Day, Field Day, and Teacher’s Appreciation Week. FORWARD members support the ministry of RCA and seek volunteer opportunities to further our purpose and mission. The RCA Booster Club supports athletics by voluntarily running concession stands and holding sport-specific and overall athletic fundraisers throughout the school year. RCA also has two schoolwide fundraisers each school year for parents and students to be involved in: 25 for 25 in the fall and discount cards in the spring.