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The mission of Russell Christian Academy is to engage students in college preparatory learning that is intertwined with Biblical education.  Students in the school will be provided a Christian education that challenges each one spiritually, morally, socially, physically, and academically.

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What is a Christian school?  A Christian school should be much more than a safe alternative to public school with a required Bible class and once-a-week chapel services.   Although possessing these characteristics, Russell Christian Academy exists for a much higher purpose.  Our school teaches absolute truth from a Biblical worldview across multiple curricular disciplines.  We hold Christ as preeminent in the educational process as we partner with parents in training cultural warriors, ready to engage the arena of ideas for the cause of Christ!

A school of almost four-hundred students, Russell Christian Academy believes parents are Biblically responsible for the education of their children and therefore are vital to the educational process.  Parents desiring an intentional, deliberate philosophy of education which centers around a child's development of a Biblical worldview should consider Russell Christian Academy.

As the largest Christian school in an over 80-mile radius, Russell Christian Academy provides a well-rounded, college-prep education from a Biblical worldview.  We desire for every student to achieve their God-given potential and honor God with their talents and abilities both inside and outside of the classroom.


RCA News

  • 12/1 5th-8th Grade Spelling Bee
    12/1 5th-8th Grade Spelling Bee
  • 12/1 Boys JV and Varsity Basketball @ Restoration
    12/1  Boys Junior Varsity and the Boys and Girls Varsity basketball Teams will travel to Restoration Academy.  Game times are 5,6,& 7.
  • Christmas Store
    The 6th Grade will have a Christmas Store November 30th-December 4th during break.  Your student may bring their shopping list and purchase gifts for their family and friends. Items will range in price from $3-$10.  The Christmas Store will also be open on Tuesday December 1st from 7:15-7:45 if you would like to stop by and shop with your student. Proceeds benefit the 6th Grade Washington DC trip.
  • 12/10 6th-12-th Grade Science Fair
    6th-12th Grade Science Fair will be held on Thursday December 10th.
  • 11/30 JV/ Varsity Basketball @ South Choctaw Acade

    11/30 The Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball teams will travel to Toxey, Al to take on South Choctaw Rebels.  Game times are 4,5,6, & 7

  • Dec 19 - Jan 3 Christmas Break
    Christmas Break: December 19th-January 3rd
  • 11/23-27 Thanksgiving Break
    Thanksgiving Break, November 23-27
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